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Neuland Markers and Pens

From our point of view, markers are something more than only common, thick felt pens. Neuland markers are smartly designed tools for people, who make a real professional use of them: trainers, advisers, facilitators, teachers, coaches, visualizers, designers, students and all those who have understood that using markers can make a difference.

Visualization will soon become one of the management skills, that’s why markers are undoubtedly a management tool of the future.  Those who comprehend how to visualize a big image in people’s minds, will have much easier to inspire them to follow the same way.


What makes Neuland markers special?

When we developed Neuland NoOne in 1994, one of our central requirements was the easy refill option, additionally to the smart ergonomics. Today, 20 years later nothing has been lost of its meaningfulness. On the contrary, sustainable thinking and management is even more important nowadays. Why should we throw something away, which can be made quickly and easily functional again with even less money?

Beside the doubtlessly important environmental points, there are also some quite practical features by Neuland series NoOne and Big One, for example, both recessed grips, which help you to hold the marker automatically in a proper way to write “facilitation like”. Or the functional roll-stop which ensures that the marker stays safely on the table.