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Neuland No.One® WhiteboardMarker, round nib, 13 Colour Set

Neuland No.One® WhiteboardMarker, round nib, 13 Colour Set

From: Neuland

Item no. 8038.9001

Assorted 13 colour WhiteboardMarker set with round nib!


Product information "Neuland No.One® WhiteboardMarker, round nib, 13 Colour Set"

Our impressive color range offers you the WhiteboardMarkers in 13 gorgeous colours that will surely inspire your imagination! The clever ergonomic finger groove design ensures comfort and continuity of writing.

13 Colour Set:
black (100), grey (101), yellow (501), orange (600), red (200), pink (701), violet (700), blue (300), light blue (302), turquoise (301), green (400), light green (401) and brown (800). 

When using the Whiteboard Markers on special coating, for example on dry-erasable whiteboard wall paint, please comply with the respective manufacturer’s recommendation.

Info: the ink is designed to be erased when dry; therefore wait for the ink to be fully dry before erasing it to avoid smearing and color layers.

Technical details: 
Material: PP/PE 
alcohol-based ink, dry-erasable, 
round nib, line width: 3 - 4 mm

Ink alcohol-based
Model No.One
Nib round nib
Unit set
Use on Whiteboard/Film

Customer evaluation "Neuland No.One® WhiteboardMarker, round nib, 13 Colour Set"

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From: Jeanette Passons 2015-08-29 17:08:52

Not smelly! Rich color!

Just like everything Neuland makes, these are great quality markers. They don't have a strong, toxic smell like many markers. I prefer a rounded nib for drawing on a whiteboard so these are perfect. Although I've only used them on one brand-new board, the colors are bright and rich (haven't tried a porcelain board). I tend to baby these much more than the freebie Expo markers we have around the office, so I don't let the colors touch (lest the nib gets tainted), and I store them flat, not standing up.
These markers + a little imagination can brighten up any soul-sucking office environment :-)

From: Will Rhee 2014-08-17 09:33:00


Great color selection and environmentally friendly with the refillable ink. What's not to like?

From: Good... not great 2014-06-18 16:06:00


I do love the shape of the nib, but the colors seem to be weak on a porcelain whiteboard.

From: Álvaro 2014-05-09 12:36:00


Great markers :)

From: Scott Gordon 2013-12-12 19:31:00


Fantastic! You can mix them and do full colour painting on the white board. You guys just need to make them with chisel tips to be truely incredible.

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