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Campaign: Neuland FineOne® / Set of 30 + FineStand + Magnet

Special offer valid until February 28th, 2021

Campaign: Neuland FineOne® / Set of 30 + FineStand + Magnet
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Item characteristics

Storage: Nib side down
Nib: brush nib Fineliner/Sketch
Ink formula: permanent water-based
Use on: Paper
Marker-Type: Neuland FineOne®
Unit: set
– Special Offer valid until February 28th, 2021 –  The perfect set for any... more
Item information

– Special Offer valid until February 28th, 2021 – 

The perfect set for any eventuality!
This fine set of 30 combines the all-rounder for everyday use, Neuland FineOne® Sketch, and the artist among fine markers, Neuland FineOne® Art. The FineOne Sketch is the specialist for fine drawings and sketchnotes: the consistently sustainable marker for diverse creative applications in a small format.
In combination with the FineOne Art, specialist for creating colored surfaces and illustrations, you have the perfect set for your sketchnotes.

And it gets even better: Park your favorite markers directly on your desk or, with the help of the self-adhesive magnetic discs, directly on your magnetic board. You will receive two FineStand and two magnetic discs as a free addition to your Neuland FineOne® 30/set.

Scope of delivery:
Set of 15 Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.5 mm, Set No. 15-1:
Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.5mm in the colors black, grey, red, blue, pastel blue, ocean, green, light green, pastel green, brilliant yellow, pastel yellow, red orange, violet, blackberry and golden ochre.

Set of 15 Neuland FineOne® Art, Set No. 15-2:
Neuland FineOne® Art with brush tip in the colors light blue, pastel blue, ocean, pastel green, yellow, pastel yellow, lime, neon yellow, orange, pastel violet, gold ochre, 106 grey, 107 grey, 108 grey, outliner black.

2 pieces – FineStand for Neuland FineOne® Sketch
The perfect stand for the new Neuland FineOne®, in dark grey – matching the FineOne Sketch.

2 pieces – Self-adhesive magnetic discs for FineStand
With the self-adhesive magnetic discs, you can make your FineStand suitable for magnetic boards.

Technical data:
2 sets of 15 Neuland FineOne® each in a convenient RefillBox
Housing and cap made of PP, housing colors vary depending on the set
Odorless, water-based ink, easily refillable and environmentally friendly
Nibs vary depending on the version

Stand made of ABS, dark grey
Weight: 18 g / 0.6 oz
Dimensions: Ø 44 mm / 1.7 inch, height: 18 mm / 0.7 inch
Integrated weight made of steel, coated with zinc

Self-adhesive magnetic discs:
Self-adhesive magnetic foil
Ø 37 mm

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Markers & More

Can I write on paper with whiteboard makers? Can I use markers for paper on whiteboards?

Whiteboard markers bleed heavily through paper and quickly get empty. Possibly the tip also wears off quickly. Avoid writing on whiteboards with markers for paper. They possibly smear and are difficult to remove.

The Outliner is clogged. What can I do?

The outliner has a different ink composition that can cause clogging if residual ink remains in the needle or the bulb (rinse the needle with water after each use to prevent residual ink from remaining in it).

What’s the difference between the "normal black" and the Outliner?

The Outliner (color code: 010) has a special water based ink that doesn’t smear or blur when painted over with another marker. It’s particularly suitable for contours that remain clean and sharp when colored afterwards. Otherwise with the black lines of the "normal black" (color code: 100), they can quickly become blurry and dirty after subsequent coloring.

Find here an explainer video in our YouTube channel.

Is the BigOne also available as a WhiteboardMarker?

No. Many customers buy the empty marker and fill it with whiteboard ink (but we can’t guarantee).

What’s the shadow marker?

This means the color “grey“ (color code: 101). Mostly the Neuland BigOne® is ordered.

Are your markers refillable and how does it work?

Neuland markers are refillable. Find detailed instructions here.

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