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Neuland No.One®, wedge nib 2-6 mm, 5/color sets

Different sets of 5 refillable Neuland No.One® markers.

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Item characteristics

Storage: Nib side down
Nib: Wedge nib
Ink formula: water-based
Use on: Paper
Assorting: set
Marker-Type: Neuland No.One®
Our Neuland No.One® in beautiful color sets for different topics: Set No. 5 Deep Desert:... more
Item information

Our Neuland No.One® in beautiful color sets for different topics:

Set No. 5 Deep Desert: 804, 801, 805, 800 and 802
Set No. 6 Lucky Lotus: 602, 704, 700, 702 and 806
Set No. 7 Tones of Grey: 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108
Set No. 8 Sweet Sunset: 600, 601, 201, 200 and 202
Set No. 9 Blue Sky: 303, 302, 301, 300 and 304
Set No. 10 From grey to black: 102, 101, 108, 100 and 010 Outliner black
Set No. 11 Lemon Tree: 502, 501, 503, 401 and 405
Set No. 12 Back to Green: 400, 403, 402, 803 and 404
Set No. 13 Wild Berries: 200, 201, 202, 700 and 705
Set No. 14 Ice in the Sunshine: 405, 504, 704, 301 and 600
Set No. 15 Friends: 806, 807, 808, 809 and 810
Set No. 16 Mermaid’s Kiss: 303, 305, 301, 302 and 401
Set No. 17 Sunset: 501, 500, 801, 600 and 201
Set No. 18 Pink Amethyst: 101, 102, 702, 701 and 700

This set is delivered in a convenient refill box. This way, the markers can be both stored and refilled in its original packaging.

The color is indicated by the finger grooves and the membrane at the end of the marker, and you’ll find the exact color code next to the icons on the housing. This is particularly important when refilling your markers.

By the way: One refill bottle of 45 ml fills your Neuland No.One® up to 22 times.

Technical details:
Housing and cap made of PP/PE, black
Odorless and water-based ink, easy and ecofriendly refillable
Wedge nib, line width: 2-6 mm

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Customer evaluation for "Neuland No.One®, wedge nib 2-6 mm, 5/color sets"
6 Sep 2021


Ich habe gerade begonnen die Arbeit mit Eltern und im Team zu erweitern und habe mich mit dem gestalten von Flipcharts auseinander gesetzt. Eine liebe Studienkollegin hat mir eure Stifte und Angebote und somit eure Webseite empfohlen.
Die vielfalt an Stiften und Stiftpakete haben mich überzeugt und die ersten Plakate sind ein voller Erfolg. Die perfekte lage der Stifte in der Hand macht einem den Start wirklich einfach.
Die Deckkraft und Farbintensität haben mich ebenfalls überzeugt. Dies gilt für ALLE von mir bestellten Farbsets!


30 Jul 2021

Sehr gut

13 Jul 2021

Sehr gut

19 May 2021

Immer wieder zufrieden

Alles Bestens!

18 Dec 2020


Die Stifte des Farbsets sind wie alle NO One Stifte sehr gut.

9 Dec 2020


Tolle Farben. Meine Laune steigt direkt bei der Arbeit mit diesem leuchtenden Farbset. Ich freue mich auf weitere Farbsets, z.B. in Grau und Erdtönen.

27 Oct 2020


17 Sep 2020

Love them!

I really love these and will buy more of Neuland’s products - I love that they are refillable!

19 Jun 2020


Ganz tolle Stifte, mit sehr schönen Farben....
5 Sterne ***** von mir.

22 Mar 2020

Sehr gut

Super Qualität, schöne Farben, Lieferung verlässlich. Hätte gern mehr Variationen, Sets und Einzelangebote

Neuland 23 Mar 2020

Hallo Frau Bade,
aufgrund der unglaublich hohen Nachfrage unseres Marker Sortiments, geht leider ein Lieferengpass einher. Um die Lieferfähigkeit zu verbessern, mussten wir unser Farbsortiment reduzieren. Wir arbeiten daran, wieder das komplette Farbsortiment und auch neue Fabsets aufzunehmen.
Ihr Neuland-Team


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Markers & More

Can I write on paper with whiteboard makers? Can I use markers for paper on whiteboards?

Whiteboard markers bleed heavily through paper and quickly get empty. Possibly the tip also wears off quickly. Avoid writing on whiteboards with markers for paper. They possibly smear and are difficult to remove.

The Outliner is clogged. What can I do?

The outliner has a different ink composition that can cause clogging if residual ink remains in the needle or the bulb (rinse the needle with water after each use to prevent residual ink from remaining in it).

What’s the difference between the "normal black" and the Outliner?

The Outliner (color code: 010) has a special water based ink that doesn’t smear or blur when painted over with another marker. It’s particularly suitable for contours that remain clean and sharp when colored afterwards. Otherwise with the black lines of the "normal black" (color code: 100), they can quickly become blurry and dirty after subsequent coloring.

Find here an explainer video in our YouTube channel.

Is the BigOne also available as a WhiteboardMarker?

No. Many customers buy the empty marker and fill it with whiteboard ink (but we can’t guarantee).

What’s the shadow marker?

This means the color “grey“ (color code: 101). Mostly the Neuland BigOne® is ordered.

Are your markers refillable and how does it work?

Neuland markers are refillable. Find detailed instructions here.

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